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Hello, lovely folk and dear friends -- I wanted to send out an announcement about a new magical camp starting up in Wales this summer. The theme is exciting and fun (and might particularly appeal to some of you...), and I will be there with my son, Forest. It's a bit far to go, but the site is really magnificent -- a rural permaculture and alternative energy-based site in the green hills of Wales, dedicated to sustainability, with a working stone circle onsite. As the community who runs it writes, "The whole site is run on alternative energy, from high-tech wind turbines and biomass underfloor heaters, to solar showers made out of scrap radiators. With its permaculture gardens, the place is an inspiration for the budding and more experienced eco-conscious. Residents and volunteers live in railway carriages, Mongolian Yurts, log cabins, tipis and straw bailed buildings." Full site info is here;

I'll attach the announcement and path info below -- please share it with anyone you think might be interested. As with most new camps, they are struggling to make ends meet for the first year, so really would love to see more confirmed bookings. It will be a great camp, and I hope to see some of you there!


Sunrise Witchcamp is rising at Coed hills in the heart of the rural Welsh Valleys, from 20th to 24th August, 2009

Sunrise will be a camp which fully embraces the ideal of treading lightly on the Earth: the venue, as well as being in a beautiful location in southern Wales, boasts a working stone circle (which, weather permitting, will be host to our evening rituals), woods for walking in, great views of the surrounding countryside, and best of all, it is powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Sunrise also aims to be a family-friendly camp. Our intention is that there will be a choice of three paths, one just for adults, one for adults and young people and one just for young people, where everyone can learn the tools of magical and spiritual practice in Reclaiming tradition, and take full part in the life of the camp community.

Sunrise Witchcamp is committed to being financially affordable, and to that end, accommodation will primarily be camping, with a heated indoor crash space available for those who require it.

contact us for more information and further information at


Camp announcement:

The Dragon's Egg

Awake, it is light!

In times long past, when the world was young, an ancient dragon left a last precious egg, filled with every hope that can be fulfilled...

Weaving a nest, a stair between earth and sky, a web made of starlight and wonder and laughter, we will nurture this egg and birth something new and wonderful into the world, and into our lives. The dragon within us is awakening -- in the fiery courage in our hearts, a new power to transform ourselves and the world around us.

The Dragon rises!

Come join us in song, story, play, and magic, as we work with the dragons, the elemental powers of the earth, and with our ancestors, the wise ones and the spirits of the land to guide us.

This is a new camp, and a new beginning. We will celebrate the beginnings that are possible when hope, excitement, desire, and those who believe in the possibility of a better world come together and make real magic together. We each, young and old, have an essential piece of the story to tell, and we will create this tale together. We can learn from the old ones, our ancestors, our families and our descendants, and then carry home new dreams, new tales, and new skills and abilities, to help us bring the power and wisdom of the dragons, and the earth, into our daily lives.

The Dragon calls!

The earth is calling. The time is now, for all to awake, rise up and create the world that is to come, the world which our children will inherit. Will you come, waken the dragon, and waken yourself, through the power of song, story, dance, laughter, and deep, powerful magic? The dragon you hear the call?

Sunrise Witch Camp is a four day, family friendly, intensive retreat in the Reclaiming tradition, Running from the afternoon of the 20th to the evening of the 23rd of August 2009." in the fantastic, eco friendly venue of Coed Hills ( in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK.

Email us for a booking form or more information at:

and Visit our Website at for more information, pictures, teaching team Bios and path descriptions.


Camp Paths:

Dragon Bones
with Raven and Margit

Since the ancient days when Dragons were free to fly over the face of the earth, human seers have used the shapes and bones of the earth to answer their deep wonderings. Divination has taken on many forms over the ages, a handful of bones thrown into the sand, whispers in dreams, tea leaves in a cup, runes carved into stone or oghams burnt on wood, pendulums and scrying bowls and tarot cards.

Together we will watch the shapes in the clouds, the direction of bird flight, the ripples of wind on the water, we will look for clues in our dreams and search for patterns in the rocks and bones of the land. We will read cards, runes and the fall of rocks onto the earth. Using traditional tools of divination and perhaps ones that you will find for yourselves, we will learn how to speak to our inner dragons - the part of ourselves that is fierce and magical, wild and free and which burns in our hearts, minds and souls. Connected with our inner dragons we will learn to listen deeper to the land around us and hear to the secrets it has to tell.

We will ask ourselves, ask our inner dragon what it needs from us to nourish it and allow it to grow, and for us to grow with it. We will ask it what offerings we need to make and what offerings we need to make to the land around us to deepen our work. We will listen to our own dragons and their deepest desires, and listen to the voices of the dragons standing in circle with us, and the voice of the land itself.

We welcome all to this path who come with open hearts and minds. You do not need to have any experience of divination methods to enjoy this path and to fully participate in the path work, though if you have cards/runes/ogham/other forms of divination tools please bring them along with any art supplies that you feel you might like to use. Please bring comfortable footwear and something to sit on if the grounds wet. Weather permitting we will hope to spend time each day out of doors.

Dragon's Gold: The Alchemy of Self, The Power of Storytelling and the Third Road
with Chelidon and Fortuna

The dragon holds the rarest of treasures buried in its cave, as we often hold our talents, desires and beauty deep within, guarded and buried far from the light. Each of us is born with a unique birthright, possessing tales and truths no one else can tell. We all hold great power and paradox within us, but too often these precious treasures are kept deeply hidden.

In this path we will work with the deep and ancient magic of threes -- the alchemical mystery of the third road. Threes have immense power, and form the basis of the alchemy of self. Yin and Yang, light and shadow, inner and outer -- we all hold the possibility of the union of opposites within us. We all have contrasts, contradictions and inner conflicts, and we will learn to hold and wield these paradoxical aspects in ways which do not involve turning away from or cutting off parts of ourselves, but instead, honoring and acknowledging all the parts of who we are. The sacred marriage of opposites thus creates a wholly new and precious element, gleaming gold in all its strength and beauty, as we are transformed in the alchemical fires of life.

Together we will explore storytelling and myth and the eternal magic of time -- past, present, and future, was, is and will be. Who were you, who are you, and who will you be? How can you use your Will, Intent, and Desire to guide you? Using the world-changing power of story and myth we will delve into the dragon's cave and connect to our inner store of lore, which we'll mine for the paradoxes that will create pure gold. The dragon, fierce guardian of the treasure of truth, will guide our way along the third road to wisdom.

Please bring a journal and writing instrument, and if you like, divination tools or art materials to Path.

Discovering the Dragon
with Cassandra and Halo

Within us all, lies a dragon.
A dragon dreaming in the dark.
Let us wake the dreaming dragon,
And house it in our hearts!

Join us as we spread our wings with the dragons and soar through the blue skies of our dreams... join us as we find our dragon within and make friends with the dragons all around!

Through fun and laughter, song and dance, arts and crafts we will spend our path time playing with dragons! We will meet the Earth-Dragons of the land around us, and learn to hear what they have to say as we honour them by building altars and making offerings... and we'll each craft a magical Dragon Wand, a wand of fire, to take home!

Just as the earth is full of dragons waiting to awake, we each hold a dragon spirit inside us. What does your dragon-spirit look like? What does it most like to do? We will learn ways to uncover and awaken that inner dragon and to make space for this truth, strength, and compassion in our lives. It may have been a long time since we danced with dragons, but be brave and know they want to be our friends too!

Come! Find the dragon within!
What colour do your scales shine?
Come! Meet the dragons without!
In friendship our lives will entwine!

Through practical activities, the children's path will be an opportunity for the younger members of our community to get a sense of the gifts they have, and it will allow them space to make their own magic. We will also provide them with tools to take home, so that the magic can continue long after camp is over!

We welcome all young Dragons willing to make friends with Dragons, open your heart and be brave. Bring warm clothes, comfortable outdoor footwear, and your favorite magical tools and art supplies. And, if you want something special to create your Dragon Wand – your magical connection to fire and dragon power - don´t forget to bring it to camp.

I'm glad the hills are Co-ed.

Date: 2009-06-15 10:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If it was all dudes, that'd be kinda boring.


Re: I'm glad the hills are Co-ed.

Date: 2009-06-15 10:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Diversity in all things! And to be serious for a brief moment (say it isn't so), I believe Coed means "woods" or "wooded" in Welsh. There's some deeper meaning there, I'm sure...


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