Jun. 15th, 2009

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Hello, lovely folk and dear friends -- I wanted to send out an announcement about a new magical camp starting up in Wales this summer. The theme is exciting and fun (and might particularly appeal to some of you...), and I will be there with my son, Forest. It's a bit far to go, but the site is really magnificent -- a rural permaculture and alternative energy-based site in the green hills of Wales, dedicated to sustainability, with a working stone circle onsite. As the community who runs it writes, "The whole site is run on alternative energy, from high-tech wind turbines and biomass underfloor heaters, to solar showers made out of scrap radiators. With its permaculture gardens, the place is an inspiration for the budding and more experienced eco-conscious. Residents and volunteers live in railway carriages, Mongolian Yurts, log cabins, tipis and straw bailed buildings." Full site info is here; http://www.coedhills.co.uk/

I'll attach the announcement and path info below -- please share it with anyone you think might be interested. As with most new camps, they are struggling to make ends meet for the first year, so really would love to see more confirmed bookings. It will be a great camp, and I hope to see some of you there!


Sunrise Witchcamp is rising at Coed hills in the heart of the rural Welsh Valleys, from 20th to 24th August, 2009

Sunrise will be a camp which fully embraces the ideal of treading lightly on the Earth: the venue, as well as being in a beautiful location in southern Wales, boasts a working stone circle (which, weather permitting, will be host to our evening rituals), woods for walking in, great views of the surrounding countryside, and best of all, it is powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Sunrise also aims to be a family-friendly camp. Our intention is that there will be a choice of three paths, one just for adults, one for adults and young people and one just for young people, where everyone can learn the tools of magical and spiritual practice in Reclaiming tradition, and take full part in the life of the camp community.

Sunrise Witchcamp is committed to being financially affordable, and to that end, accommodation will primarily be camping, with a heated indoor crash space available for those who require it.

contact us for more information and further information at sunrisecamp@yahoo.com

Theme, paths, and more info after the cut... )


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